Volkswagen ID.7: will this be the electric Passat?

At the Geneva Motor Show 2018, Volkswagen had presented it as the first concept ID.Vizzion. What it was? A sort of very first “sketch on four wheels” which was to represent an elegant sedan with engine 100% electric. The concept presented to the public was also shown in the form of a station wagon the following year while now, it is time for the first test drives on the road in the company of the testers.

Presumably his full name will be ID.7 and if everything goes as it should go, we may soon see it arrive on the market, to be precise in the 2023 .

Meanwhile, in the Old Continent you can already admire the test raids of the four-door sedan, which in its prototype version shows us a very similar aesthetic to what we could see a few years ago. Therefore, looking closely we can see a grille with a full grille and which touches both eyes of the LED light cluster, while underneath them is a nice triptych of air intakes. Even if, on closer inspection, the only slits that seem real are positioned at the bottom, while the most extreme are fake and also act as housing for the fog lights.

The rims are generously sized and seem to carry a specific and slightly aerodynamic design. The side? I would dare to say dynamic with some aesthetic ambitions that emphasize sportiness. Look for example at the rib that runs along the entire side. Pretty right? Even better is the recess in the lower part of the door. The Macho Man font doesn’t look bad.

More sober is the tail with a large rear light clusters, with a particular shape with that small appendix that comes into play in the area of the rear hatch and with (perhaps) fake exhausts with diffuser. The hint of a rear spoiler is also well on him. The slightly raised tail increases the feeling of overall dynamism .

There is no certainty either on dimensions or on the composition of the motor equipped with the strength of the electron. Here then I will just give you the dimensions of the Volkswagen ID.Vizzion concept: 5163 mm in length with a pitch 3100 mm.

The engine? Double. The double electric unit could develop up to 306 CV and went hand in hand with the battery from 111 kWh. With two engines to exploit, four-wheel drive was guaranteed. And now some data: 6.3 seconds to burn 0 a 100 km / h and a range up to 665 km in the WLTP cycle.

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