WhatsApp: multi-device in stable versions, news to find companies

WhatsApp continues to return to the fore on the wave of new features that are introduced in the popular messaging app. There are two noteworthy news disseminated in the last hours: the first is that the multi-device function is increasingly mature , after the initial debut in beta. The other concerns one of the (numerous) features in development, but not yet ready for release, and is linked to the ability that WhatsApp has to act as an important channel of communication between companies and end users .


The multi-device option debuted in beta at the end of July, both on Android, both on iOS. Better specify that it debuted in beta for registered users to the WhatsApp beta test program . A few days later the developers started to expand to all iOS users (therefore also to those who were not subscribed to the test program) – the possibility of using this function, and now it seems that the distribution has been further extended to other iOS and Android users who use the stable version of the app .

C ‘is more, in the settings of the smartphone app the words “multi-device beta” continue to appear, but in WhatsApp Desktop installed on the Mac connected to the smartphone does not appear plus the indication of “beta” next to the profile picture; instead, there is room for the button to view the status updates. Further signs of a function that is progressively improving. For example, now on WhatsApp Desktop it is possible to pin a chat at the top of the list – option expressly not supported by the beta.

This is a gradual distribution , probably determined from a server-side activation. In any case it is always recommended to have installed the latest stable versions of the client for Android and iOS which at the moment are respectively 2. 21. 18. 17 and 2. 21. 180.

The multi-device allows you to use WhatsApp on four connected devices at the same time, without the smartphone being connected to Internet.


The other novelty concerns an interesting experimentation launched by the WhatsApp team, for now only in Brazil, in the city of Sao Paulo. The aim is to integrate a list of companies , Yellow Pages style , directly in the app, providing at the same time functions for searching and identifying results. The news is not the simple result of an anticipation obtained from the beta versions of the app, to confirm it is the same Will Cathcart, head of WhatsApp.

The service, says the manager , will help find and contact local businesses, such as neighborhood coffee shop, florist, clothing store and more . Cathcart shared some screenshots of the new function, which show an organization of contents based on categories of belonging (food, restaurants, etc.). Once you have found the merchant, you can start messaging without leaving the app:

The project may expand to other markets in the future. According to a Facebook executive told Reuters , India and Indonesia are candidates to welcome him in the future. It is no mystery that WhatsApp is trying to broaden its horizons by also acting as a useful tool for business users and consumers: remember, for example, the introduction of virtual product windows and the button to make a purchase. directly from the product catalog shown in chat by a company.

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