WhatsApp, the Android beta is updated: news for multi-device and privacy


Whatsapp in great shape, one might say, because now the innovations introduced between the stable and beta versions are daily. Thus, after the arrival of the payments through the Novi wallet and the continuous adjustments to the multi-device function, here is the beta 2 version published. 21. 23. 13 for Android , available for download from of all those who have joined the beta testing program.

This is a “minor” update, which makes some functions available to those had not received them in previous betas, to which are added various changes to the interface and other small details. Minor yes, but not for this reason not worthy of being reported and, above all, appreciated by those who use WhatsApp on a daily basis.


  • new interface for contact info , already released to first users in versions 2. 21. 23. 11 And .12 and now more widespread
  • new interface for info about the group , but only for some
  • new timer for messages: it is now possible to open a new thread with the ephemeral messages function (originally in trodotti a year ago) activated automatically. The timer can be set by default to 24 hours or 90 days by multiple accounts (from privacy settings)
  • multi-device functions activated for multiple users, in particular that relating to interruption by of WhatsApp to invoke notifications when the security code is updated every time the list of connected devices is changed


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A new beta for Android was released one day later – the 2.21. 23. 14 – focused on privacy: to “Everyone”, “My contacts” and “None” now add the item “My contacts except …” , with which the user can more selectively decide who to stop showing their personal information.

The function was found in previous betas – see “Profile picture” and “Info” – ed it is now available to all (or nearly all) of those participating in the beta testing program. Please note that the new option is bidirectional only in the case of our last login information (if I exclude contact A, I also will not be able to see when A last logged in), but this rule does not apply to Info and Profile Picture.

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