Windows 10 updated by Microsoft annually until support ends

The Windows “November Update” 10 has been officially released a few hours ago, an update focused on “productivity, management and security” , and we already know that the next important update is been fixed for the second half of 2022. Just as expected for Windows 11, in fact, Microsoft is planning to update the previous platform annually to add new functionality.

This is stated by John Cable , responsible for Microsoft’s Windows maintenance and distribution.

We will move to a new publication calendar for Windows 10, to match that of Windows 11, aiming at important updates on an annual basis. The next Windows feature update 10 is scheduled for the second half of 2022.

Windows support 10, remember, will continue until at least 14 October 2025 , but so far there had been no indications from Microsoft regarding the plans to update this version of its operating system which will still be used by many users.

These statements clarify the situation a bit even if it is not yet clear what will be ported to Windows in the future 10. This November update is not particularly full-bodied, in practice it has only one, important, novelty that is the support of GPU processing in Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL). Furthermore, Microsoft has already started implementing its new Microsoft Store on Windows 10.

Until the end of the support, therefore, it would be reasonable to expect two, at most three important updates but without hoping for the arrival of significant features. The attention of the Redmond company, of course, is focused on Windows 11 which it is trying to bring to the greatest quantity possible of devices. In this regard, John Cable added that:

Based on the positive experience of updating and of user feedback received to date, we are ramping up the pace of rollout faster than previously anticipated and now we are making the Windows update 11 available on more devices with Windows 10 eligible “.

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