Windows 11, deployment accelerates

The distribution officially started on October 5th, but when Windows 11 will it actually be available for your PC via Windows Update ? Answering is not easy, because as usual Microsoft manages the upgrade release procedure by proceeding in stages: it starts from a small number of supported PCs, acquires the necessary feedback and then gradually expands the user base.

You can also force the timing – here we tell you how to perform a clean installation via ISO – it is true, but when the new version arrives automatically via Windows Update you can be sure that the coexistence with the hardware of your PC is sufficiently tested. The good news is that Microsoft , after analyzing the initial findings, has decided to accelerate the pace of distribution .

In a note the house of Redmond points out:

Today, based on the positive experience of the update distribution and user feedback that we have seen so far, we are moving forward with the pace of distribution faster than previously expected, and we are making the upgrade to Windows 11 more widely available for eligible Windows devices 10.

Microsoft reminds you that to upgrade directly to Windows 11 (via Windows Update) eligible PCs must be based on Windows 10 version 2004 (or later) and have installed the dated security update 14 September 2021 (or later) . The fundamental prerequisite is that the machine meets the requirements of the new version of Windows; otherwise it will be necessary to take alternative routes with all the uncertainties related to the use of a version not officially supported, starting with the possibility of continuing to receive future updates.


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