Windows ARM, exclusive contract with Qualcomm expiring | Rumor

So far we have seen only Qualcomm processors in Windows ARM devices – and to further emphasize this detail is Interestingly, official sources often refer to the Windows on Snapdragon initiative. According to what the colleagues of xda-developers , between Microsoft and the chipmaker there is a real exclusive contract at stake; which however is about to expire – even we do not know exactly when. And it will not be refurbished.

This means that we will probably see chip-based devices from other companies

in the future. ; during the Executive Summit a few days ago, in which the new Dimensity 9000 for smartphones and Pentonic were presented 2000 for TV, MediaTek has already stated that Windows laptops will arrive in the future 11 with its chips. “Apple has shown the world that it can be done,” said the executives of the Chinese chipmaker.

It’s not impossible to even imagine the interest of Samsung , whose Exynos are strong in a recent partnership with AMD for the GPU part, and which among the many products in its catalog also includes of laptops. And it could also mean that official support for Apple Silicon chips will come. Moreover, the belief that the transition from architectures x 86 / x 64 to ARM is practically unavoidable in the PC world – and as Apple has demonstrated Silicon the benefits in terms of performance and autonomy can be enormous.

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Mobile 23 Nov

Qualcomm and Microsoft have always had a rather close relationship over the years: all devices in the Windows Phone / Windows Mobile ecosystem were based on chips Snapdragon, without even a single exception. We can say that the US chipmaker has had quite a few years of advantage over the competition, even if so far the results have been decidedly less impressive than those obtained by Apple with a single generation of chips; however Qualcomm does not intend to stand by and has already anticipated the arrival of higher level custom chips, thanks to the acquisition of Nuvia, which will rival the M1 Pro and Max. They will not arrive on the market before 2023, However.

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