Xbox Cloud Gaming arrives on consoles: from today it is available on Xbox Series X / S and One

Microsoft really wanted to celebrate the 20 years of Xbox (to which we have dedicated a special study): beyond At the surprise release of Halo Infinite multiplayer on Monday night, there is more good news. Xbox Cloud Gaming , in fact, after a test phase that began at the end of September today (Wednesday 17 November) becomes officially available also on Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S and Xbox One .

The requirement to be able to try it right away is always the same: an active subscription to Game Pass Ultimate , and that’s enough to be able to experience the game in streaming even from consoles. At the moment the function is undergoing a gradual rollout, and will reach all users in the coming weeks: Italy is however among the 25 countries that will receive this novelty.

This is a very important achievement for various reasons: first of all, the very nature of the Game Pass as a great catalog in which to fish and try many different games clash with the need to download and manage storage space every time – a very central theme for next-gen consoles and games, which need to take advantage of the SSD, and buy an expansion in this sense is not a light expense.

The “Netflix style” experience that Microsoft wants to create also includes the possibility of having the option to try the games immediately, simply by starting the streaming, and then maybe later download them to be able to play them natively at a later time if they convinced us.

Then there is u n another aspect, no less relevant: with this move even those who own an old Xbox One are not cut off from the next-gen, but will in fact be able to use their console to play the titles that will support Xbox Cloud Gaming (whose infrastructure has been updated recently from Microsoft, switching to Series X hardware).

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