Xbox Game Pass, Destiny 2 leaves the catalog (but not for all platforms)

The cool thing about Game Pass is that with a low-priced monthly subscription you can have access to a vast library of video games that is updated on a monthly basis, with the prospect of finding all the titles presented at the last E3 by Microsoft and Bethesda playable on day one (starting with the multi and single player of Halo Infinite), without having to pay an extra euro.

The lack of ownership, which is the key to Game Pass, is also its weakness. In fact, every month there are games that enter the list, and others that come out: and in December there is a excellent goodbye . Destiny 2 , in fact, along with its expansions Forsaken, Shadows from the Deep and Beyond the Light will no longer be part of the Game Pass offer for Xbox Series X | S and Xbox One starting next year December 8 . This means that will still be available on PC .

Xbox Game Pass, tanti altri giochi in arrivo a novembre: ecco quali

Games 16 Nov

If you are wondering what will happen to those who own the game but used the Game Pass to access the expansions, the explanation comes directly from the official website of the title. Quite simply, the campaign missions, the specific activities of the expansions, the sub-classes of the States and one of the branches of the Super for each sub-class will no longer be accessible, in addition to the perk for the discount of the 10% linked to the purchase of silver and other additional content.

Exotic items and Season Passes purchased previously will not be lost. The fact that Destiny 2 leaves the Game Pass catalog for consoles on December 8, which is the same day as the launch of Halo Infinite in full version (the multiplayer beta is already available this week), is probably not entirely coincidental. Recall that on the horizon for Destiny 2 there is also a new expansion coming, or The Queen of Whispers, which will be released on 22 February 2022 and will not be included in the Game Pass package (neither for console, nor for PC).

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