Xbox Series X, there is the Gucci version: the price is scary

Microsoft is committed to celebrating the 20 years of Xbox , which will fall precisely on 15 November, the day someone suspects that Halo Infinite multiplayer might be unexpectedly released. Gucci , on the other hand, turns some years old 100 round round: the two brands have decided to celebrate together with an exclusive collaboration, and the result is a Xbox Series X signed by the famous high fashion brand .

In reality we are not just talking about a custom console, but a whole branded bundle, complete with an exclusive design gamepad and packaging changed into a Gucci briefcase. In total only were produced copies (strictly numbered) of this collector’s item. If you are giving us a little thought for Christmas, watch out: we are faced with a rare object, and the price in fact it hits straight and without escape as a headshot , since we are talking about 7. 000 euro to win the exclusive package.

As for the details of the customization, the Xbox Series X shell is all finished with the iconic Gucci double G that represents the initials of Guccio Gucci , but in this case also “ GG “, the abbreviation of “ good game “, a courtesy formula extremely widespread in the gamer community to congratulate the opponent once hostilities are over. An expression, however, reported in full on the briefcase in a bright green that is a tribute to the Xbox brand.

The rest, however, is all in Gucci style, including the lines red and blue that also appear on the two gamepads inspired “ by the Maison’s Web tape “, as stated on the official website.

If you settle for an Xbox Series X normal, without unstitching those 6500 euros more for the Gucci version, then take a look on Amazon : it is not easy to find it, but neither is it impossible. The situation is different for the even cheaper Xbox Series S, which instead is also available today and at a discounted price.

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