Xiaomi Global Event, from 13.45 follow the live presentation event with us

After yesterday’s Apple presentation, today it’s Xiaomi’s turn: at 14 the new company presentation event will start , which as often happens promises to be full of news. What can we expect? Mi 11 and Mi 11 The pros are obviously the special observers, but it could also be an opportunity to bring international market other products already present on the Chinese one, such as the Mi Pad 5 .

We will follow and comment the live event on Twitch : l ‘invitation is to follow us, starting from 13. 45, we will spend a couple of hours together talking about the new products and at the end there is not necessarily room for some surprises …

We remind you that the best way to interact with us during live shows is to use the Twitch chat (you can find it under the player, do not forget to register).

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