YouTube Music Reload us: new filter to find the right song at the right time

If you use YouTube Music to listen to your favorite songs in streaming, then you will surely have noticed that on the homepage, immediately under the service logo, there is a small carousel, an activity bar that allows you to quickly access the music based on how we feel or what we are doing right now. It was initially introduced in November of last year with the items Training, Relaxation, Day Trip and Concentration . Well, now to these four filters we add a fifth.

Is called Reload , and it’s an unprecedented shortcut where we can find all the songs that, according to Google’s algorithms, could help us recover some energy – physical or mental it doesn’t matter. So here are the inevitable Energy Supermix, Energy Mix 1, 2 and 3 . And then to go down, with ad hoc contents. On iPhone 13 Pro Max in the editorial office – with YouTube Premium subscription activated – we find the sub-filters Hit, Courage , Milestone, Reload, Guitars, Motivation, Beats and From your collection. These are rumors that may change for each user depending on personal tastes and app settings.

The function is currently in distribution: take a look at the app to see if you have already received it. Otherwise, it will be enough to be patient a little longer. YouTube Music and Premium crossed the threshold of 50 million subscribers this year. Those who rely on the free version have probably already realized that video support has been eliminated.

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