Zero Motorcycles: MY 2022 update arrives for S, DS and DSR

Zero Motorcycles officially unveiled the versions 2022 of its electric motorcycles , let’s talk about the Street Bike S and delle Dual Sport DS and DSR . According to statements by the American company, the new models serve to cope with the large demand for electric motorcycles that have come to Zero Motorcycles and upgrade to MY 2022 will allow the public to appreciate even more the dynamic qualities of electric motorcycles made in the USA .

With the update presented, Zero Motorcycles S, DS and DSR MY 2022 (here the proof of the SR / F) now have the proprietary operating system Cypher II that connects and unites all the systems of the bike together. The two-wheelers with zero emissions have also been equipped, as standard, with the new system ABS Bosch , as well as a new Bluetooth connectivity which interfaces with the dedicated application on the rider’s smartphone.

The new features added with the update also bring a new TFT screen 5-inch color similar to what is found on Zero’s flagship SR / F and SR / S models. The new color screen replaces the LCD screen, without considering the new colors for the body of the bike.

Le Zero Motorcycles Zero S, DS and DSR 2022 allow their rider to ride for approximately 140 kilometers of autonomy without resorting to external charging, thanks in the presence of 7.2 kWh lithium-ion batteries, and promise a maximum speed of 160 km / h thanks to the brushless motor. With the Model Year 2022, the Zero DS starts from the same 9. 000 euro with which the older generation is proposed and offers the same engine and battery optimized to give 8% more autonomy. Lo Zero DSR 2022 is presented to the public with a price of approximately 13.500 EUR with the presence of an electric motor of 52 kW (70 CV) and a maximum speed of 164 km / h. The largest battery from 14, 4 kWh (effective capacity of 12, 6 kWh) offers an autonomy of 262 kilometres.

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